Key Club Bucks

Key Club Bucks is the way our club measures the amount of money a member has accumulated towards paying for Key Club trips.  Members earn Key Club Bucks by participating in certain types of activities.  Below is a chart which outlines how a member can earn Key Club Bucks.

Key Club Bucks Review for website.jpg

Once Key Club Bucks are earned, members can then spend them to attend various Key Club events.  Below is a list of such events.

  • Region Training Conference - 9/21 - Approximtate Cost:  $20 (includes a division t-shirt)

  • Fall Rally at Six Flags - 10/19 - Approximate Cost:   $60 (includes lunch)

  • Key Leader at Camp Jones Gulch - 11/15-11/1 - Approximate Cost:  $100 (below San Francisco) 

  • District Convention in Reno - 3/11-3/14 - Approximate Cost:   $300

  • International Convention - 7/1-7/4 - Approximate Cost:   $400 (in San Francisco & we will add a couple of days of tourist activities, not included in the dates noted)           

Below is the current Key Club Bucks database. It is always updated as of the end of the previous month.  Below is the data as of 9/30/19.

Key Club Bucks for website as of