Cloverdale High School is situated in a rural community in northern California, about 80 miles north of San Francisco, in the middle of what is considered wine country.The Cloverdale Kiwanis Club sponsors the high school Key Club. The Cloverdale Key Club held its first meeting in October of 2006. Our 2018-19 membership was 34. Listed below are some of the club accomplishments from that year - 2018-19.

  • We donated the most money of any club in our division for the Pediatric Trauma Program at Fall Rally, donating $900.

  • We earned an Early Bird patch for affiliating by November 1st.

  • We donated $500 to the Eliminate Project.

  • We earned a District Tree patch for turning our Monthly Report Forms in on time.

  • We earned a Diamond Distinguished Club patch for our over-all program of activities.

  • Our club's Single Service Project won first place in Cali-Nev-Ha competition.

  • Our club Year-in-Review scrapbook won first place for CNH and third place in Key Club International competition.

  • We had a strong bond with our local Kiwanis Club, participating in several projects together.  The most notable included:  the Kiwanis Crab Dinner, the Kiwanis Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast, regular volunteer work at the Cloverdale Food Pantry, and the Kiwanis Marathon.  We regularly attended Kiwanis meetings, including Kiwanis Board meetings.

  • Our most notable service project of the year was “Save the Rain”.  We worked to raise money to fund rain catchment systems in Tanzania, Africa.  We worked with both our Builders Club and Kiwanis Club to raise $7000 for this cause, bringing water to and saving the lives of, at least 2000 children!

  • We helped sponsor a Builders Club at our local middle school.